Raise your vibration

Stumbling around for ways to 'raise your vibration' I came across this awesome poem (surprisingly) by Charlie Chaplin.

Every cell in my body began to nod reading, 'As I Love Myself', amazingly Charlie's poem has become the centre of my being, my daily dose of truth found from different philosophies and practises and for sometime now my life has and is unfolding in ways I wouldn't have believed possible a few years ago. 

One of the first elements I do with my clients on The Machine is their emotions to check they are loving themselves and others for their highest good which is why I loved this so much. Biofeedback gives you the awareness.

All you really need to do is choose. Choose to connect yourself with your own Love, the Love that exists inside you. 

Love yourself to raise your game.

If you choose love every single day, of every single moment - the rest will unfold in front of you.

Keep choosing my lovelies.

Love always,