Why work with Laura?

Laura started her clinic over 5 years ago with a passion for helping people transform their health after transforming her own.

Since then, she has worked with hundreds of people helping them regain their lives back. Laura’s specialises in Chronic Fatigue and M.E, Migraines, Anxiety and Depression, Digestive issues and Allergies.

With the science of the Biofeedback Machine Laura will help you uncover the root cause of why you are experiencing your symptoms and give you the tools you need to heal and move on with confidence.

Laura's qualifications, experience and story.



A device to Scan Your body's Health

The Machine is a medical device, known as Biofeedback that encourages your body back to its true health.

  • 7000 Element Health Scan

  • Data is assimilated in a form of a comprehensive list

  • Discover what and where your body's biggest stressors are

  • Receive EMF to stimulate your body's natural healing

Upon the results of your test, the EMF's (electro-magnetic frequencies) are fed back to the body rapidly, accurately and is completely painfree stimulating your body's natural healing abilities, bringing you back to optimum health.


Book your 30 mins complementary Wellness Scan to see how Biofeedback can help you.



"As I count my blessings today, high on my list is Laura Jane Jones. After spending the past three weeks in what can only be described as agony with a wisdom tooth coming through, I had a Biofeedback session with Laura and have been PAIN FREE EVER SINCE. 

Not only that but she UNCOVERED DEEP AND LONG STANDING EMOTIONAL BLOCKS of which I hadn’t been aware of, I now feel like I am in Love with life again. The deep gratitude I feel for being alive and HEALTHY is the best birthday present I could have wished for. Thank you!”       — CAROLYN SYKES, BERKSHIRE (via Meta Skype).