Our amazing formation


Whilst doing my studies on our skeletal structure, I realised the absolute beauty that we all have within our biological structure that we forget about. 

Sometimes we get a few knocks and scraps along the way, which put us out of balance and which we then find ourselves complaining that our body isn't as reliable as it was, or as the next persons is. 

We often take what we have for granted and don't quite always treat ourselves with the love, care and attention we should. 

So I'd just like to take a moment to thank the body that we have come down to create with, it can heal, recreate cells and rejuvenate much quicker than we think.  

It's been so perfectly designed for each and everyone of us to embody the life long lessons we need in order to become the greatest beings that we ultimately are.

Thank you for everything you are teaching me body even though I can be in resistance to what it is you are trying to show me.

I love you dearly and thank you for being the vessel of my soul.