In the moment

LIVING IN THE MOMENT - helps you keep your peace!

We all have goals and aims, something we plan to do in the future, but just make sure you don't caught in the trap of 'I'll be happy when...' mode.

Enjoy each moment for however it presents itself. It may not be turning out quite as you thought it would, but everything is always unfolding as it's meant to be - otherwise it just wouldn't be happening.

Sometimes they can be what I call 'acute thoughts', which are much more about what's just about to happen - instead of what is actually happening - preventing you from being fully present in the moment. 

If you find yourself experiencing 'special thoughts' you may want to reassess. I find doing the following helps enormously to get me back on track:

  • Biofeedback therapy to rebalance my frequencies

  • Meditation to align my head with my heart so I rest back into my body again

  • Therapy session - looking at unhealthy beliefs + installing positive knowings for a new perspective

  • Writing out my feelings, wants + desires

  • Creating a manifesting board to get really clear of what my vision is

  • 5 Rhythms class to connect me back into my body again

In actually addressing any conflicts of desire you have you'll be helping yourself move forward, ultimately raising your frequencies and enabling you to enjoy more moment to moment living.

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