How Ginger Saved Me...

Ginger - Zingiber officinale

Say hello to your new best friend!

Ginger's History

Our well loved spice has been used in our kitchens for decades, but it was the Indians and Chinese that discovered ginger as a root tonic for all ailments over 5,000 year ago.

From the severities of morning sickness, to a simple tummy bug, or full blown food poisoning - Ginger is renowned for its healing properties.

In more recent years scientists have carried out extensive studies on Gingerol and found significant results of its effectiveness, published on the National Centre for Biotechnology Information, USA.

Studies have even shown it can even ease nausea directly after chemotherapy. (*)

The Benefits

  1. Nausea + morning sickness relief

  2. Digestive support

  3. Immunity booster

  4. Diabetes - improves glycemic index

  5. Anti-fungal

  6. Anti-inflammatory

  7. Reduces pain

  8. Reduces arthritis pain

  9. Lowers Cholesterol

  10. Aids weight loss

  11. Fights cancer

Pregnancy Sickness

my success story with ginger

I was in my first trimester and utterly delighted I'd gotten pregnant, it was all I'd ever wanted. Yet now it was finally happening I couldn't enjoy it as the morning sickness was just flooring me. 

Admittedly it wasn't quite Hyperemesis Gravidarum, which some women experience, I think Kate Middleton had it, but this was definitely bad enough.

I knew there must be answer and I definitely wasn't interested in the conventional drugs route.

Incredibly nauseated and after hours of desperate searching online to 'reduce morning sickness naturally' and trying most suggestions like, continuous grazing on dry crackers, nuts, toast, Preggie Pops, Ginger biscuits, Ginger chews, Ginger tea, freshly squeezed lemon, homeopathic Nux Vom, upping my B vitamins and eating two apples a day...

I slowly began to notice a Ginger pattern..!!

Knowing I couldn't have any of the sweets stuff as I'd end up with thrush or worse pregnancy diabetes (and having tried the tea) I was hopeful high strength capsules might just do the job!

Excited I tabbed over to Amazon and bought Natures Aid, Ginger Root 500mg and quite miraculously after just 2 capsules a day, it was like someone had lifted the puke haze!

I could function again.

It was like it had completely disappeared and I felt human... ish.  

After 10 days, convinced it must have gone, I stopped taking them, but like a slap in the face it was back with a vengeance.

Grappling for the bottle, I popped 2 and waited. Within an hour it had calmed right down and 'disappeared'.

After that episode I trialled a few different doses and by week 13 it had completely gone of its own cause - phew!

So when I heard my colleagues daughter in-law was pregnant (3 weeks behind me) and struggling with constant sickness too, I gave her the rest of my bottle and sure enough it stopped hers too.

Ladies - this really is the one - even my midwife took the details!


So thrilled it happened, only took us 3 months!

I was convinved it would be diffiicult for me to get pregnant (how's that for an unhealthy belief) !

The Science behind Ginger

Nausea + Morning Sickness Relief

It's the changes in the PH level of the stomach when pregnant causing you to be open to a bacterial infection called Helicobacter pylori. 

So why does it give so much relief? Gingerol. In a nutshell.

Gingerol is the oily resin that derives from the root of ginger. It acts as a highly potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory helping to clear Helicobacter pylori bacteria which often causes nausea. 

Malabsorption + Digestive Support

If you suffer with bloating or constipation it's likely your transit time is too slow.

Slow transit causes a build-up of food in your digestive tract and encourages bad bacteria to harbour and multiply. 

Causing fermenting, rotting, or even worse cause a blockage.

Blockages in the bowel can leak the very toxins it's trying to get rid of.

Or a transit time that's too fast and you won't absorb nutrients properly.

Ginger regulates digestion

By breaking foods down and relaxing the muscles in your gut lining for a smoother transition allowing food to move along your digestive system more easily.

Due to gingers warming effect, it expands your blood vessels, increases your body heat, and stimulates circulation. Helping you burn fat 20% quicker than if you hadn't even eaten it in the first place, so good for weight loss too. 

Transit time_web.jpg


A journey through your gut

Speach marks-L.png


Poor Digestion → Poor Absorption → Nutritional Deficiencies


Speach marks-R.png

A pathogenic bacteria study

A study carried out by Tai Solarin University in Nigeria investigated the comparisons between 3 different antibiotics (Chloramphenicol, Ampicillin and Tetracycline) against Gingers effectiveness on two different pathogenic bacteria → Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pyogenes.

The results showed that Ginger extract of both plant and root proved the highest antibacterial activity against both bacteria's while the three antibiotics used were also active, they were far less effective.  

This evidence absolutely made my day. I was very excited. See the study here.

Yet, unfortunately the paper goes on to write that although the evidence found concludes Ginger extract is more powerful than these three antibiotics, hospitals will still be using conventional antibiotics, but in conjunction with Ginger to fight against infections that are so prevalent in wards.

A disappointing statement to find, but at least the trial was carried out and their conclusion of Ginger still paramount!  

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Ginger's Second Triumph

A bacterial bug

Less than 10 days ago I got a really nasty bacterial infection.

I first noticed my ears were periodically painful, so I began taking some high strength garlic, which usually clears most things... (apart from this). 

Then my glands began to swell and I suddenly felt like I was dragging myself around with extreme exhaustion.

I gave in, and stayed at home. After 1.5 days of pure sofa slobbing, still with no relief I was starting to feel miserable.

All of sudden I felt myself burning up and really sick again, so I waddled up to bed and by the time I got to lay down, my hair was soaked and my back was cold and wet.

I woke up 2 hours later.

My temperature had gone, so I went and switched on the (Biofeedback) Machine. The scan kept pointing to bacteria.

Suddenly it dawned on me. Sickness and bacteria equal Ginger!

I text Chris and asked him to get me another bottle. When he got back I took 2 capsules and within an hour I began to feel better.

Finally my body went into phase 2 and a cold began to emerge - phew!

My energy began to pick up, despite having what just seemed to be a common cold, but it was the Ginger that had actually aided this progress.

Luckily after 2 days of ginger twice a day I felt better and baby was wriggling and kicking harder than before.

Clearly she needed them too just as much as Mama did. ♡

nutritional Scan

If however you are experiencing unwanted symptoms contact me for a Biofeedback scan.


Any resources I’ve used are (*) linked so you can check out where I’ve got my info from.

Got a question?

What's your biggest pregnancy health struggle, or maybe you've overcome symptoms with natural remedies too? 

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