Unlock Your Heart

ENOUGH acting, pretending, ignoring your deepest feelings.

It's so easy to push aside your feelings, we've been taught to do it, conditioned to do it, but it's so counter-productive for our growth and health.

Literally in that pushing away we are causing conflict within ourselves (let alone just not listening to what it is we really want). When we cause conflict we actually cause an energetic restriction resulting in a struggle of energy flow.

This struggle can cause a profound effect on yourself. You are literally causing an energetic block in the flow of your own energies, which can result in an array of symptoms. Stress, tiredness, anxiety, depression, headaches, generally feeling out of whack, ultimately not feeling that high vibe that we're meant to be living from.

We have got to accept it's not enough to feel that high vibe for a nano second. We haven't come here to live 'occasionally' we need to learn to live that as a constant. 

Explore the depths of your own ocean. Awaken to our learnings, embody them retrain ourselves from this higher knowing and live free of limitations.

Unlock your heart to discover your ultimate desires, there really is nothing more important than this! 


Namaste lovelies ॐ