The Chakra Profile

Could your symptoms be the result of a Chakra imbalance?

Biofeedback can read your body's reactions on an electromagnetic level, so will be able to find what and where within you is being compromised.

The LIFE System will give you an energetic diagnostic report of which Chakra is out of balance. This balance can either be over, or underactive which can cause a myriad of symptoms.

What is a Chakra?

The word chakra originates from Sankrit and is believed to be an energy point within the body. All linked up with subtle energetic channels called Nadi. It is thought if one of the centres or channels are compromised this can cause an imbalance. Imbalances gone on long enough can cause disharmony and leave you susceptible to disease.

How Does It Work?


Biofeedback therapy includes 7000 element scan and we can scan over 35 different profiles to help us identify where the biggest energy disturbance is within you.


During your session, you will receive the electromagnetic frequency on the element that is out of balance. This helps to restore your body's natural source, ie it stimulates its production, or lessens it if it's in excess. 


After each 3 mins feedback loop, the machine gives a percentage of how much the body has taken on that substance or not. We are looking for 70% or higher for us to know the body has responded and the shift has occurred.

Rebalance your energy centers