Constant nose blowing, IBS, bloating and skin issues can become the bane of your life especially when you don't know what triggers it.

Your diet can either trigger unwanted symptoms, or enhance your body allowing it flourish.

The Usual Culprits

The usual culprits tend to induce inflammation, have congestion forming effects, putting such stress on your digestion, liver and immune system resulting in toxic overload exasperating your symptoms.

Here are a few basics that I'd highly recommend you cut down on, or cut out from your diet. Go gently as always, but do try to make a conscious commitment to stick to your new regime.

  • Grains / wheat / pasta / bread / rice / oats / crackers

  • Potatoes

  • Alcohol

  • Heavy processed meats

  • Dairy

  • Corn flour / starch etc (avoid altogether, very toxic to the body)

Hint - just choose one 'culprit' at a time, so it's not over-whelming and take note of your body's reactions, but try one you know your probably eating too much of. 

The Saucy Substitutes

Health begins in the bowel and gut. Your cells form, grow and make up who you are from the foods you eat. 

Start healing yourself from the inside out, by gradually increasing these substitutes until they become your norm.

  • Quinoa / spiralized courgettes - 'courgetti'

  • Sweet potato (a great antioxidant, try it finely sliced and toasted with your fav spread on top).

  • Non-alcoholic alternatives, fresh pressed strawberry juice and soda, tonic and slice of lime, get creative with fruit or veggies juices.

  • Easy to digest organic grass fed meats - chicken, lamb and mince

  • Almond, hemp, coconut (sugar free) milk

  • Ground Chia seeds for a nutritious thickener

Hint - once you're into your substitutes they will very quickly become your norm, the couple of times may take longer, but persevere and your body will really thank you - it just takes a little organisation!

Have a look at some of my recipes to inspire you.


top 5 Allergy Busters

Dietary changes alone aren't always enough


Here are my top 5 natural supplements that really make a difference, especially when resetting your system. ( are my personal experience with the supplement, i). are the facts of the remedies).

1. Magnesium

I'm never without this one, the office, out with friends, esp travelling and holidays, it's always in my handbag. If I've had a naughty pizza or rice and caught out bloating and constipated this is always my knight in shining armour. It brings down inflammation in my hands too and stops them aching. 

i). It's one of the most important minerals and is essential for strong muscles and bones, cardiovascular health, nervous system function and to keep your digestive tract moving through clearly. Reduces headaches, brain fog and because it clears your digestive system it also helps keep your skin clearer too.

2. Olive Leaf 

I use this powerful herb as my natural antibiotic, great for energy levels, an array of viruses (inc herpes), calms the nervous system, aiding for a better nights sleep too. It's my go to when wanting to detox from sugar as it reduces the cravings, by clearing candida and generally improves digestion.

i). Olive Leaf lowers blood pressure, supporting the nervous and cardiovascular system. Promotes immune health and is a first-rate antioxidant at a cellular level.

Its leaves contain a unique natural antioxidant known as Oleuropein, which neutralises harmful free-radicals to bolster immune function.

Known to be a natural anticancer treatment as it stops the angiogenic process, which stimulates the growth of tumors.

Olive leaves have a natural hyperglycemic effect, meaning it reduces blood sugar levels in the body, reducing the need for more sugar intake.

3. Essential Fatty Acids

EMF's would help keep my periods on time, as the rich antioxidant rebalances the hormonal system, super helpful when we were ttc and I also use it to keep my skin clear from breakouts. 

i). EFA's are essential for a healthy body - they're the good fats, aid the development and function of the brain, increasing cognitive performance and improving the memory. 

Supports the thyroid and adrenal activity, regulating hormone production. Essential if you're suffering from mood swings, bad skin or heavy / irregular periods. Studies have shown they're vital for a healthy heart, as they encourage the breakdown of cholesterol and as a byproduct reduces inflammation and increases immune health.

4. Wheatgrass powder

If I was feeling acidic, lacking in energy or had a dry cough that wanted to be wet (you know the kind) or actually vice / versa. A healthy body has an alkaline bias, an acidic system is a harbouring ground for disease.

i). It's rich in chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals and all 8 essential amino acids. Highly alkalising, purifies and oxygenates the blood and increases energy, vitality and well being. Reduces rhinitis, hay fever and asthma - you can literally feel it soothe a bad throat or a chesty wet cough on the lungs.

5. Nettle leaf extract

Is my new favourite supplement as it helped me get over a nasty pregnancy cold caused by bacteria in my bladder and seemed to put a stop my hair falling out - phew! One capsule per day increased my urine flow and cleared my lingering cold that I couldn't shift, in just under 24 hours!

i). Despite 'stinging' nettles reputation of inducing pain externally on the body, internally it acts as an analgesic, reducing joint pain and arthritis. It's anti-inflammatory qualities stimulate a number of enzymes that prevent common symptoms hay fever brings and its antihistamine qualities also help to reduce eczema. Studies have not yet concluded, that it has hair stimulating properties.

Lastly the astringent substance in Nettle acts as a diuretic stimulating a weak / congested bladder to expel more efficiently and rid any unwanted bacteria.

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