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Remember me? The girl with The Machine that does Biofeedback? I know it's been a while, but I've got lots I want to share with you! 

Our first house!

I've just bought my first house with my amazing boyfriend Chris. We moved in 10 days before Christmas, so it was quite a time, but 3 months in and we're both absolutely loving it and each other. ♡
We have a beautiful therapy room, which is dedicated to your wellbeing, Biofeedback, Meditation and Mind Detox sessions will all happen in that very front room. I can't wait to have you here at our Rosewell clinic!

What is Biofeedback?

A quick overview
Biofeedback is a device I fondly refer to as 'The Machine'. It encourages your body to stabilise itself, returning you back to Homeostasis (the natural balanced state you were born in) and essentially back to health.

It assesses the body by scanning 7000 different elements and assimilates this data in a form of a list, indicating what and where your body's biggest stress potentials are.

Giving you results
Upon the results of the testing, the information is then fed back rapidly and accurately via electromagnetic frequencies to the body to stimulate its natural healing abilities and ultimately help you feel better.

Website Updates

Your alternative resource

Food Medicine

I love cooking and use fresh natural produce for helping my body heal. So I'm going to share recipes that will help with particular symptoms that are so delicious, you'll keep coming back for more! Take a look

Biofeedback Case Study

Amanda 35, described she had been feeling very nauseous, even vomited a couple of times and been experiencing unusual bloating and was completely exhausted. Pregnant no, it wasn't gluten or milk either. Discover the cause

Get Glossy Locks

6 months ago I decided to go au naturel with my hair and stop colouring it. I don't eat chemicals, so why should I put them on my hair? Since embarking on this new clean cleansing regime I've discovered that the best natural hair masks are actually from grapes! Here's why

Scans Available

Discover what could be causing your symptoms
Let the powerful science of Biofeedback uncover the root cause of your symptoms and return you back to health.

New Pricing

Packages now only £260 for 4 sessions
(10% off if you book by end of March)

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See you soon!

Love Laura x

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