Wellness Test

To  give you a better idea of what The Biofeedback Machine can work on, answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to the questions below to help you to decide if working with Laura + The Machine is the best root to your health + wellness.

1. Do you feel mentally burnt out and exhausted? *
2. Do you find yourself over thinking things? *
3. Do you have unresolved memories from the past? *
4. Do you worry about the future? *
5. Do you often feel angry, sad, anxious, guilty or hurt? *
6. Do you find it hard to express yourself? *
7. Do you find it hard concentrate? *
8. Do you regularly doubt yourself? *
1. Do you have any difficulties sleeping? *
2. Do you regularly suffer from sore throats, coughs or colds? *
3. Do you or have you ever suffered from any kind of herpes virus? *
4. Do you get unwanted symptoms after eating certain foods? *
5. Do you find yourself comfort or binge eating? *
6. Do you suffer from hay fever or allergies? *
7. Do you experience painful, heavy or irregular periods? *
8. Do you suffer from aches and pain or swelling? *
1. Do you desire a deeper connection with your Self or others? *
2. Do you want to learn how to live more in the present moment? *
3. Do you want to be more accepting? *
4. Do you want to learn how to forgive? *
5. Do you want to learn how strengthen your intuition? *
6. Do you want to learn to meditate? *
7. Do you want to deepen your experience of meditation? *
8. Do you often feel there must be more to life than this? *