Astrology, Personology + Numerology

I love these three books! 

Secret Language of Relationships book is so good I bought the app (expensive at £7.99!!) but so worth it, I use it most weeks and I've had the book since I was 14! Sections up each astrological week into 3, with cusps eitherside and gives you a great insight to yourself and what other signs you'll interact with best and why. 

Soul Plan, by Blue Marsden looks at the vibration of your birth name to help you understand your entire life's plan that's usually mapped out already for you just because of the name you have. The formula once understood is easy to use and helps you discover what your challenges are, how you can overcome them and why you are drawn to certain careers, relationships or lifestyles.

The Life You Were Born to Live, by Dan Millman uses numerology (your dob) to show you where your life pulls and conflicts are and how you can overcome them - very insightful. 


Simple easy techniques to use on yourself

Heal the hidden causes of unhealthy beliefs to help the body heal physical conditions with Sandy Newbigging's 'Heal The HIDDEN Cause'.

'Attached' is a fabulous book on the science of adult attachment, what different styles of attachment there is, healthy and not so healthy. What your style is, if you're compatible with your partner and if not how to help improve the dynamic between you.


Energy experiments to prove your thoughts create your reality

Sharpen up your inner dialogue so you can manifest what it is you really want with Pam Grout's E2. After doing the first experiment, I came into £100k...! Literally within the time frame I gave it. I was having fun, but I also meant it, pretty glad I read it now! 



Healing from stillness

Mind Calm is such a great technique and so easy to use. Sandy's clear and concise writing backs up how the mind can really effect the body and what to do about it.


Your digestion

I love Dr Mercola and when Fat for Fuel came out I book it before the release date. It is very comprehensive and shows you how to heal your body from the inside out with dietary changes. I highly recommend this one.

The Art of Healthy Eating, grain free low carb, by Maria Emmerich has got some great recipes to help you go grain free.