Having suffered from anxiety, depression and insomnia for many years I felt the medication prescribed by my GP was no longer working for me, so I decided it was time to try something different. I tried numerous types of therapies like acupuncture and hypnotherapy in an endeavour to get my life back on track, but nothing seemed to be working for me until I found Laura and her machine. BIOFEEDBACK HAS actually TRANSFORMED MY LIFE, I know that sounds quite dramatic, but having suffered for most of my adult life with anxiety & depression I am now MEDICATION FREE for the first time in years and FEELING FANTASTIC. My energy levels have increased, my mood has lifted and MY ANXIETY HAS DISAPPEARED. My insomnia is still a work in progress but is definitely improving and I hope with just a couple more sessions of biofeedback with Laura I will be sleeping soundly once again. I would definitely recommend her.
— June Paterson - Nurse
My favourite part of seeing Laura is having someone confirm how I was feeling. After numerous trips to GP’s over the years in one session Laura confirmed all of my symptoms (including the ones I didn’t realise were IBS related) and told me she could help. I actually cried with the relief of it all. The sessions have pretty much resolved all of these symptoms - so I’ve been recommending Laura and her machine to anybody who will listen!
— Carolyn - Midwife / douler

As I count my blessings today, high on my list is Laura Humphreys. After spending the past three weeks in what can only be described as agony with a wisdom tooth coming through, I had one session with Laura and have been PAIN FREE ever since.

Not only that but uncovered deep and long standing emotional blocks of which I hadn’t been aware. I now feel like I am in Love with life again.

The Biofeedback sessions with Laura have had the biggest positive health impact when I needed it most...

The result of the treatment was so surprising, so successful, and so unexpectedly impactful. After the 2nd session with Laura, which was done remotely (amazing by itself), I felt great all day, no longer had any stomach pain or fatigue. This was so rare that I could hardly believe it. I’m so delighted and utterly amazed to have found your biofeedback magic and science.
— JEANY LANGE, LONDON (via Meta Skype)
Jeany Lange

I had been diagnosed with celiac disease and battling with tummy troubles for about 3 years – bloating, wind, tummy pains and constipation until Laura put her Machine to work on it.
NOW thanks to Laura’s dietary advice and Biofeedback my stomach is very settled and I can eat happily again without wondering what it’s going to do next!

I’m also feeling so much better in myself – I had become alternately nervous and depressed but after each session I felt more relaxed, confident and on a level again.
Thank you so much!
— ANNE AINSWORTH, POOLE (via Meta Skype)

I found my biofeedback session with Laura + The Machine deeply healing on so many levels. Firstly, Laura’s friendly and approachable nature put me at ease and I felt comfortable trusting her with some intimate details of my life and health.

After connecting me with The Machine, she ran a scan of my body resulting in a diagnostic report. Laura was able to identify issues and concerns I was aware of – such as lower back pain and digestive issues and also raised a few hidden issues, such as hormonal imbalance, fungal infection and blood sugar concerns.

In addition, emotional symptoms revealed included despondency, exhaustion and difficulty setting boundaries, among others.
While these might not at first seem related, as we progressed through the session, a picture of connection formed and deeper underlying imbalances were revealed.

I don’t know how she does it, but through her years of experience, Laura was able to connect the dots and see the bigger picture and get to the heart of what was really going on. Not only that, she was able to instruct The Machine to ‘feed back’ balancing vibrations.

I highly recommend Laura to anyone – no matter what your concern, she can help!
— Anon, USA (via Meta Skype)

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