The Emotional Profiles

Emotions aren't the enemy, however they can be our life long lessons.

It's so easy to get caught in a spiral of emotions, either completely resistant to feeling certain ones (suppressing), or overly justified in another and stuck in others and a behavioural loop you just can't get out of. 

The mind-body connection theory is that emotions are just 'energy-in-motion' and according to Dr. Nelson, when you feel an emotion, what you are really sensing is the vibration of that particular energy.

As your body is both biochemical and biophysical, if we allow some emotions and not others, it can cause a disruption in the body's energy system. In other words we are a series of chemical processes and physical reactions and if there is discord in your field of energy this eventually will result in a physical dysfunction.

Each emotion we feel has its own vibratory frequency. This is how Biofeedback can test which emotion is out of balance and feedback that specific emotional frequency releasing it to move through you and allowing you to process the emotion.



Emotional Stresses

Discover and rebalance your top 10 Emotional Stresses, discover why they may be a problem in the first place and what to put your focus on if you feel them arise again.

Relationship Stresses

Discover and rebalance your top 10 Relationship Stresses and we can discuss what and why they are a problem for you.

Age Timeline

Discover and rebalance your top 10 most stressed times throughout from conception through to now. Help your body to release these stressful times with ease and comfort.

Emotional Conflicts

Discover and rebalance your top 10 emotional conflicts, discover why they are problem for you and learn how to stop them from causing you any further conflict.

NEP PROFILE (Neuro Emotional Programming)

Neuro Emotional Profile helps you understand where any emotional imbalances lie, by scanning a set of emotions and sending the frequencies back to stimulate and rebalance the brain (neuro part of NEP).

This enables us to 'recode' how your brain responds to stimuli enabling you to create new and more beneficial behavioural patterns. 

How Does It Work?


Biofeedback therapy includes 7000 element scan and we can scan over 35 different profiles to help us identify where the biggest energy disturbance is within you.


During your session, you will receive the electromagnetic frequency on the element that is out of balance. This helps to restore your body's natural source, ie it stimulates its production, or lessens it if it's in excess. 


After each 3 mins feedback loop, the machine gives a percentage of how much the body has taken on that substance or not. We are looking for 70% or higher for us to know the body has responded and the shift has occurred.

If you find you can answer 'Yes' to 3 or more of these questions, Biofeedback can help you

  • Do you often feel angry, sad, anxious, guilty or hurt?
  • Or maybe you tend to bottle up your emotions?
  • Do you find it hard to express yourself?
  • Do you regularly doubt/berate yourself?
  • Or perhaps you tend to have self-limiting thoughts towards yourself?
  • Do you find yourself editing before you speak so you don't cause a reaction?
  • Do you find yourself over thinking things?
  • Would you consider yourself a ‘people pleaser’?
  • Do you have unresolved memories from the past?
  • Or perhaps you find yourself worrying about the future?

Heal Your Emotional Body, Heal The Physical