Meditation can Reshape your Brain

Here's how meditation can influence this

Our brain has nerve cells that fire electrical signals and oscillate in distinctive arrangements called brainwave patterns depending on what thoughts, emotions, biological chemistry you are experiencing. For example, for every state you are in (happiness, depression, anger, relaxation, sleep etc) your brain produces specific correlating brainwaves that can be measured through frequencies known as Hertz (Hz).

However being in a conflicting brain wave state opposed to the purpose you need at that time can cause havoc on your health. By understanding and recognising our brain wave states and how they effect us, we can begin to evolve our health, increase our performance and experience the fullness of life that we all deserve.


Our 4 Brain wave states



COMPULSIVE THINKING STATE - Beta Waves (14-40HZ - Level 0)

Low Beta waves are actually quite helpful in highly stimulated conversation or doing a presentation, but to get stuck in high Beta brain waves can cause havoc on your health. In this state for too long and you can begin to experience a compulsive thought loop, anxiety, panic attacks and sometimes even states of paranoia. It's where the fight or flight response has been activated and not turned off, the body is in a constant 'on' mode not knowing how to switch off and relax. I often see clients suffering from chronic anxiety, fatigue, burnout, adrenal exhaustion, weakened immune system and an array of other unwanted symptoms in this state. We can determine what brain wave state they are in, using the Biofeedback machine and send the EMF's back to rebalance them. 

DEEP MEDITATION STATE - Theta Waves (4-8 Hz - Level 3 + 4)

Deeply relaxed state, meditative state it's what we enter during light sleep and where 'the power nap' got it's name. You'll feel most in touch with your intuition, open and connected to your inner gut knowing, experience heightened creativity, cortisol levels will decrease therefore getting you to a deeper state of relaxing and priming you for a good sleep.


RELAXATION STATE - Alpha Waves (7.5-14 HZ  - Level 1 + 2)

Alpha is the doorway into meditation, the mind chatter slows down and more creative ideas start to flow through (it's easy to get caught in this state in meditation as your mind will perceive it is interesting and 'useful'), but it's really only the first layer of the subconscious mind. Relaxation begins to occur, Serotonin and Endorphins start to secrete, making it a great conduit for releasing anxiety and panic attacks, relieving depression and allowing you to exude confidence and happiness once again.

DEEP SLEEP STATE - Delta Waves (0-4 Hz  - Level 5 + 6)

Many Scientists believe Delta is the most beneficial state of all, it's where healing occurs, where the body has lost all awareness and physical and deep mental regeneration takes place. Cells and immune system rejuvenate themselves, hormones re-establish their natural balance and health begins to restore itself. 

It's the optimum state for accessing the subconscious mind and reprogramming; working on unhealthy beliefs and installing new positive to change memories, traumas and old behavioural patterns.

It's the pivotal point where the unconscious and super-conscious parts of the mind meet, where you find the seeds of clarity, the real genuine creative process beginning to form actually without much conscious effort. Healing, inner knowing, connection and confidence all without trying - bliss!

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