Casestudy - Biofeedback

Unexplained bloating, exhaustion, pain on urination.


Amanda, 35 had been describing she had been feeling very nauseous, had actually vomited a couple of times a few weeks ago and since then been experiencing lots of unusual bloating and generally feeling exhausted.


Bloating, exhaustion, pain on urination.


  1. 7000 Element Scan - we scan 7000 different possible energetic imbalances throughout the body.
  2. Indicated Profile - each session the machine indicates a specific profile to scan + do EMF feedback on.
  3. Susceptibility Test - scan chronic + acute imbalances (see right).
  4. Specific Profiles - on reading from this information I can then get specific within particular profiles that suit your needs and feedback the EMF's to help stimulate the body's natural healing.
  5. EMF Feedback - after each 3 mins feedback we get a percentage. This tells us how the body has responded and taken on the new shift in frequencies, also indicating what is most prevalant. We are looking for 70% or higher ultimately for you to feel better.

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Susceptibility Test - An Energetic Overview

The Susceptibility test shows that Amanda's issues possibly stem from Food Poisoning (1), especially with persistent symptoms like nausea and vomiting. Bacteria (55) showing indicates a possibly contributing to the pain on urination. Inflammation (48) reflecting the bloating, caused by Parasites (43), correlating with symptoms such as gas, bloating, stomach tenderness and tiredness all of which she described. If this has been going on behind the scenes for time it can slowly debilitate the immune system (46). Viruses (7) possibly indicating Chronic Fatigue and general overall Stress (2).

  • Bacteria - 55

  • Inflammation - 48

  • Immune Weakness - 46

  • Parasites - 43

  • Food Poisoning - 1

  • Stress - 2

  • Viruses - 7

Psst - the susceptibility test gives us an overview of what is chronic (low numbers - going on for some time), and what is acute in the body (high numbers - more immediate symptoms) like sore throat at time of scan.


Clonorchic sinensis (the top parasite) can cause abdominal discomfort/pain, bloating, nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, bacterial infections, inflammation. Rickettsia (showing twice) can also cause nausea. Echinococcus can bring on pain in the upper right abdomen, intense itching and a fever.


Selenium known for supporting the immune system, a powerful antioxidant protecting you against disease. Iodine to increase energy levels, stimulates hormones, boosts the immune system and reduces an enlarged thyroid gland. Chronic Fatigue is showing reflecting her exhaustion. 

Amino Acids

Amino acid balance are vital for a healthy digestion, nervous system and disease free body. Lysine showing in Amanda's case will help alleviate her overly stressed state, (the constant on mode) calm her nervous system enough so she can relax and her body can begin to heal.

What next?

After the session I suggested Amanda did an Epsom Salts flush (which clears parasite/virus from the body whole, won't leave any toxic debris in die off period). Once the detoxing process begins, a high strength Probiotic supplement is a good idea to over populate the bad bacteria with the good and repeat until symptoms are gone. Also a high strength Garlic capsule to support the immune system. Amanda has reported feeling less bloated, a lot calmer and less congested in general.

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