Top 'Foods' to Eliminate

Healthy substitutes or constipating rubbish?

We are so often brainwashed by the media and supermarkets for 'healthy substitutes', low carb or gluten free when often they can be more harmful than the original foods themselves.

Clients have been coming to me with a plethora of dis-eases from IBS, diabetes, headaches, pms, acne, sinusitis to fatigue, anxiety or depression all of which I believe can all be resolved by diet.

Unfortunately there is no quick fix pill, but the good news is there is an easy and natural way to help restore your body back to health.

My suggestion to you, as it is to my clients is to follow my avoid foods and swap over to the safe substitutes and see how your body responds.

Your shopping check list

I know too well just how lengthy and boring it is to have to sift through ingredients lists, but once you know what is triggering your symptoms and know your safe alternatives it really can be the difference between an ill symptom filled body or a happy thriving you - so I really hope this list helps. 


This list of foods can be very inflammatory, causing IBS, leaky gut, fatigue, constipation and diarrhoea to say the least. All best avoided.

⛔️ Corn, cornflour, cornstarch (in a lot of pre-made sauces and M&S products are rife with it) super inflammatory horrible stuff
⛔️ Maize (sao)
⛔️ Gluten free substitutes (unless fresh veggie alternatives, very often low nutrient fillers)


I would only have these occasionally (fortnightly or monthly) as long as if you’re symptom free

🚫 Rye
🚫 Rice (inc rice crackers)
🚫 Bread
🚫 Quorn
🚫 Oats
🚫 Pasta
🚫 Pizza 
🚫 Refined sugar

Safe Substitutes

✔️ Amarynth / Nut flours - Almond / Hazelnut / Coconut / Chickpea / Millet / Potato starch or Quinoa Flour
✔️ Spiralised veggies as spaghetti
✔️ Quinoa ‘porridge’ (mixed with frozen berries and a banana for sweetness - pic of my daughter eating hers!)

Quinoa Porridge

I make a batch for phoebe for a few days so we’ve got some in the fridge and just warm up in the mornings.

  • 1 cup of quinoa

  • big handful of frozen berries

  • few frozen strawberries

  • 1/4 tin of prunes use some of the juice

  • 2 bananas and cover

  • double the amount of water

  • 2 teaspoons of cinnamon

  • add water until 1 inch over then simmer until desired softness. We like ours quite ‘soupy’ opposed to ‘ricey’ which Quinoa can be if you don’t add enough liquid.


A client’s scan showing a sensitivity / reaction to Maize

I was on the look out for food issues with this client and noticed Maize…



My client said she was horribly bloated (which was out of the ordinary for her). I did her scan and Maize came up (see image). When we ran through what she had been eating, she realised she’d eaten a large bag or Maize crisps.