Thinking to being

We love to think don't we?

At one point we thought that's who we were - our minds, but we are so much greater than that. We are energetic beings in an energetic universe. Some of us will have the desire to want to discover, align and really wake up to this in a mutli faceted way.

So how do we wake up to something different? 

Waking up, or becoming more conscious, is in essence acknowledging who we truly are and letting go of anything that we're not. It's really that simple, yet it can be a constant choice. It's letting go of what we think we know and uncovering the real truth. The truth that exists within us and within the presence of now. 

As babies we were born as pure beings of sheer unconditional love, acceptance and greatness. Then life begins to 'happen to us' and we often get lost and loose that inocent quality we were once born with. The good news is it doesn't mean we lost that love filled perfection of who we once were, more that we've just momentarily lost sight of it.

Essentially the short-sightedness is just down to our minds geting caught in a loop of thinking and the sheer magnetic strength of it can turn us into a thought addict, leading us down all sorts of paths. This is only because we've temporarily fallen asleep, lost in the white noise of our thoughts. Purely because this is what we're used to and we are creatures of habit afterall. 

The good news is meditation relieves you of the BS of your mind, helps you to drop relentless stories it comes up with and gets you back to the heart of who you really are. It enables you to see your thoughts, consciously watch them, rather than getting caught in your own dioluge. Achoring yourself as the observer, empowers you to be able to retrain what you are thinking, reimprint new thoughts to create a different reality, one that will light you up to the stars and back again regardless of what is going on in your life. It'll purely put you on the right path without you even having to try. 


Peace to you

Choose meditation, get back to you.