Evolutionary change

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Evolutionary change, growth and newness

According to the planetary expects, 2015 is all about evolutionary change, personal growth, looking inward and getting to the truth in hearts.

To be in flow with nature, emulates the flow of what is.

If you feel like you've lost your flow, a great way to get back in synch again is by spending time in nature, as our body's match the frequency of our surroundings. 

Nature is in constant evolutionary flow with the weather and seasons, the leaves don't scream 'I don't want to change colour!', or 'I'm getting anxious I'm going to fall of this tree'. Nature has no resistance, it just flows with the change.

Life is very often in a constant state of flux and if we resist what is trying to unfold for us, we will only be scratching the surface of life and the lessons we're here to embody. 

And the irony is, if we don't get move with it the first time and embrace the shift, life will keep recreating that lesson again and again like a stuck record until we do get it.

At the same time we can't rush the process, whatever pace things are entering into our experience (or not) we just need to trust and align ourselves with the rate that life is carrying us at. 

Intimacy and love both evoke the positive and negative helping us to awaken to our greatness by showing us what we need to work on, so we can become more of who we truly are. Old patterns are often naturally broken as we get close to another.

The best thing we can do for ourselves is not rush ahead, nor push away & resist anything uncomfortable, but to be in absolute allowance for the newness that is unfolding for us.

Love yourself first and be gentle.