Balancing the Bowel

The importance of a healthy digestion

The theme I'm noticing with my clients most at the moment is their complaints of being tired, foggy headed or aches and pains - some have even having being diagnosed with Glandular Fever / ME and Lymes Disease. I believe true health starts in the digestive system.

If we have healthy digestion, 9 times out of 10 we are healthy. When we are not going regularly and or completely this can play havoc with our energy levels for a number of reasons.Our digestive tract from mouth to anus is 30 feet long, that's 9 meters...!!! So if we're not careful we could end up with about 7-10 meals inside of us basically just rotting - not only is that a horrid thought - but it will also be releasing toxins that impact our health and mind. 

Your bowel is your second brain! We must tune in and listen to it.

This is what I am here to help you do. I am here to help you become at one with yourself and align yourself back into balance with your body, to become more consciously aware of really what's going on inside of you, enabling you to be in allowance with your life, body and emotions. Biofeedback can help us do just that.

What goes in must come out!

Okay, so not everything, but there is a large amount of waste, so we must be conscious that needs to be evacuated.

Here's why...

What actually happens is the blood capillaries in the colon get clogged up with rotting matter and begin to pick up the toxins, poisons and harmful debris which seeps into the bowel wall. Tissues and organs in the body begin to take on these toxic substances which can cause:

  • bloating
  • constipation + diarrhoea
  • foul breath
  • weight problems
  • poor appetite
  • skin breakouts
  • sleep disruption
  • stress
  • hormonal imbalance
  • mood swings
  • backaches 
  • headaches 
  • weak immune system
  • lack of energy

Our Bowel is vital for a healthy body

My top tips to your health back into balance...

No. 1 = Diet Deviations

Wheat, gluten and grains are the biggest constipation culprits. 10 years ago my body began saying no to wheat, then I upped my game and removed gluten and now I do no grains and virtually no carbs as well. Saying no to grains has not only transformed my digestion, but I no longer get breakouts on my skin and everything is more regular!

No. 2 = Culinary Creations

6 months ago I bought a Spiralizer and its transformed my diet. I can eat ‘spaghetti’ again just my noodles are made from Zucchini’s AKA Zoodles! I love, love, love Zoodles! You don’t even need to cook them just stir them into your sauce, soup, stir fry or have them cold on the side like a salad. So there are great alternatives to cutting out wheat.

No. 3 = Magnesium Magic

I recommend Magnesium to all my clients both as a daily maintenance and also for a proper cleanse clearing any impacted matter and help get a better functioning digestive system ready for your body to absorb what it really needs.

No. 4 = Fermenting Fun

Ferment your own veggies for good healthy bacteria. Your gut needs good bacteria. So start making your own – it’s easy and once you’ve got a couple of jars you can leave them in the fridge and add them to salads - your tummy will really thank you for it.

No. 5 = O’Mega Oils

Our bodies really need oils. It helps keep inflammation down, encourages elasticity therefore we become less prone to having aches and pains and most importantly they boost our brain! See my blog on Chia Seeds for tips on how to get more Omega oils into your diet.

No. 6 = Beliefs Biology

Lastly, our bodies can become a by-product of our thoughts. If we feel what we focus on and if what we are focusing doesn't stem from a healthy truth instead from an unhealthy belief, we can often be living from an inaccurate reality and if we base all our decisions from that root we can incidentally embody a life based on distorted realities. If we look at the mind body connection of constipation, one of the emotional root causes could be holding on, not able to let go of something or someone, fear of loss, etc - you get the idea, so if this sounds like you then perhaps it's time to delve a little deeper into your belief biology.

The Benefits are Enormous!

Your body mind cleanse will ultimately enable you to feel more energised, more positive, your eyes will look whiter loosing that yellowy tinge, inflammation will subside as will pain, your skin will look more radiant, your liver won’t be working as hard, you’ll be emotionally more stable and ultimately feel calmer and able to live a life you love.

Join me on your journey back to health